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Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to restore any battery you own

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Home-scientist discovers easy way

torestore old batteries

by Jean Erickson @EnergyTechReview
November 18th 2016
Most people throw out old batteries without realizing that they can be restored to their original glory, but one man is changing all that.

His name is Tom Ericson, a home-scientist who decided it was time to stop wasting old batteries.
"I'm not a rich man, and batteries aren't cheap," said Ericson when he was asked what prompted this "discovery" of his. According to Ericson, few people know how easy it can be to restore old batteries if you have the tools, which can easily be purchased at local hardware stores or at websites like and others.
The process involves just a little bit of prep work and then a handful of steps to clean and sometimes recharge the batteries a bit, all of which can easily be done at home at a far lower cost than constantly purchasing new batteries.
Ericson says the only reason most people don't know about this is "because the energy companies and production companies aren't interested in getting the word out."
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