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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Issues with your website

Good Afternoon,

My name is Alan, I was just browsing the Internet and came across your website, which I really liked.

I saw a small flaw with your website which if corrected should help you get more traffic from Google and all of the major search engines online and we all know how important that is today with Google coming in like the IRS and cleaning people out!! (Inside joke for those who seem to get audited every year)

You have what’s called a Canonical URL issue in your website, which means that Google’s bot will see 2 versions of your home page. What does that mean to you right… This means that Google is dividing the authority amongst the 2 pages, which are actually a single page. Look I live in Miami so you know I’m not a scammer, well at least my wife doesn’t think so but that’s another story.

Back to the main topic at hand… So in effect the power of your homepage is being reduced by half it’s authority instead of the full amount!! Look I don’t expect you to believe me however I would LOVE the chance to sit down and discuss it. Just to note YES I do speak English and I’m on United States soil!! (Inside joke for business owners who get lots of telemarketing calls)

You can learn more about this issue here :

Your web developer can easily correct this issue by making a 301 redirect, however with all do respect to them if they were that good they would have caught this simple error along time ago.

Another thing I noticed is some on-page issues on your website which if corrected should help you rank better for “Money Making” keyword search terms.

Let me know if you need our help to solve the canonical URL issue, and I would LOVE to discuss it with you on the phone.

Thanks and make sure to watch out for “Flying Ninja’s”!! My son told me that this morning after watching “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” last night.


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