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football skills - Zidane, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho


FIFA 09 - Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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The story shifts to the fairies in the woods. The fairies are magical little creatures like Tinkerbell. This one fairy named Puck appears. Puck is the Kings jester. Puck is disguised as this guy named Robin Goodfellow. Puck sees this other fairy and the other fairy tells him that Titania Queen of Fairies and Oberon King of Fairies are coming there any minute. Puck tells the fairy that if they meet they will start fighting. Pucks says that theyre mad at each other because Titania has some Indian boy as a servant and Oberon is jealous of the kid.

The fairy figures out Pucks disguise. Puck tells him that he is the jester. Then Titania and Oberon show up. They start bitching at each other. They argue and accuse each other of sleeping around. Then Titania says that because Oberon is mad, hes causing all these storms and stuff remember, fairies are magic so their mood sgs might do magic and create storms etc.. Oberon asks Titania to give her that Indian kid, so he can put him in the army, away from his wife. Titania says no. Now Oberon is really pissed.

Oberon wants revenge on Titania. He tells Puck about some magical nectar where you can put the nectar on someone and they will fall in love with the first person they see. He also has the cure. He plans to give it to her then blackmail her with the cure. Then Demetrius comes into the forest. Oberon turns invisible.

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