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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ABC Report: Unlock your Intelligence with morning vitamin

ABC News - Katie Couric Special New Report
WATCH: Mental Performance Hacks For Increasing Your Brain Power.
Katie Couric Gets the Inside Track on IQ-boosters that Work Wonders

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Scientists have uncovered evidence of dailyweather cycles on six extra-solar planets seen to exhibit different phases by using sensitive observations from the Kepler space telescope.

Such phase variations occur as different portions of these planets reflect light from their stars, similar to the way our own Moon cycles though different phases. Among the findings are indications of cloudy mornings on four of them and hot, clear afternoons on two others.

"We determined the weather on these alien worlds by measuring changes as the planets circle their host stars, and identifying the day-night cycle," Lisa Esteves, from Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, and lead author of the study, said.

"We traced each of them going through a cycle of phases in which different portions of the planet are illuminated by its star, from fully lit to completely dark," she added.

Because the planets are very near to their stars, they are expected to rotate counter-clockwise - just as the majority of objects in our solar system do - with the right side moving in the direction of each planet's orbit. This causes an eastward movement of the planet's surface and therefore an eastward circulation of atmospheric winds.

As a result, clouds that form on the planet's night side, where temperatures are cooler while it faces away from its host star, would be blown to the planet's morning side.

"As the winds continue to transport the clouds to the day side, they heat up and dissipate, leaving the afternoon sky cloud-. These winds also push the hot air eastward from the meridian, where it is the middle of the day, resulting in higher temperatures in the afternoon," Esteves said.

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