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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Worldwide Network of Notable Alumni

Dear Notable Alumni,

Based on your professional background, we would like to extend you the invitation to apply for inclusion into the Worldwide Network of Notable Alumni. Our research department nominates a handful of potential candidates based on a variety of criteria such as your current professional standing, recent accomplishments, honors/awards, published articles, as well as information present on authoritative media outlets, social networks, and professional directories. 

The Worldwide Network of Notable Alumni is a premier networking organization. Our aim is to honor and brand top alumni from prestigious universities. We provide a full suite of networking services that allow notable professionals to connect with fellow alumni not just from their own alma matter, but other top tier institutions as well.

As we compile our data from a variety of secondary sources, you must verify your information by completing your application here, or by clicking the button below. There is no cost to apply or to be included. Please note, the submission deadline is 8/1/2016, so it's important you finalize your application before this date.

-The Worldwide Network of Notable Alumni
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Garden City, NY 11530

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