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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peace Be With You.

Peace Be With You.

I am Mr Habib Mohammad, a financial consultant of Colonel Sambo Dasuki former National security adviser to ex president of Nigeria Ebele
Good-luck Jonathan. Actually Colonel Sambo Dasuki has the sum of USD$68.500,000.00(Sixty Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand US dollars) under my care, to invest in
real estate. The present government of Nigeria has impounded all assets and cash belonging to family of my client Colonel Sambo Dasuki and these
funds is still safe because it was already moved to a separate and secured financial institution. During my last visit to him in prison, He
advised that I make an arrangement to move the money out immediately and invest the money abroad which was why I contacted you.

You can View for more understanding:$2_billion_arms_deal

I choose to contact a complete stranger for this transaction for the safe keep and investment in your country and you have to prove you are
not going to betrayed us because so many people have been betrayed when they are no longer in power.I need someone who can be trusted because
this is the only thing left for this family and for the future of their family.

I need your urgent response so that I can give you more details to enable us move forward. We shall give you 35% of the total sum for this
sincere assistant and %5 will be kept aside for any expenses that comes up during the transaction process.
I assure you that you will never regret your effort this transaction is programmed to be completed in 21days.

Please do forward your information as listed below if you are willing to handle this transaction. Finally, for us to achieve this transaction diligently we need steady communication this is the major
reason why your direct phone number is required, steady communication is absolute key to every successful transaction.

I await you read from you.

Your full name:
Your contact address:
Your phone number:
Date and Place of Birth:
Country of Origin:


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