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Friday, June 10, 2016

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write to 2007 N Point St#3, Chicago, IL 6 0 6 4 7 or continue to here. I wanted to like A-Frame so badly. My entire brunch crew wanted to like A-Frame so badly and we've spent weeks getting hyped about the menu. I am a huge fan of Roy Choi, bottomless mimosa brunch and ono grinds. A-Frame seemed like the serendipitous combination of many of the things that make me happy.
Alas, I've been sorely disappointed and I can see why there are so many mixed reviews on Yelp.
Reservations were a breeze on my Reserve app and my party was seated immediately. That's where the positives end. We were given menus after ten minutes of sitting down and looking for a server. We were anxious to get started with our mimosas and bloodies and everyone was hangry for spam musubi after talking about it on the Uber there.
We probably didn't need a menu because, beeing foodies and
Yelpers, we were diligent about studying the menu before arriving and we all knew exactly what to get. When we finally got the attention of our server, we ordered spam musubi for the table.
She immediately told us they were out of spam. My heart sank.
I was devastated. At that moment in my life, I wanted nothing more than a mouthful of spam musubi. Once I got over the initial shock, I became irritated.
How can a Hawaiian joint run out of S at 1:30PM on a Sunday? How?
I could see that our server was disappointed for us, and I knew it was not her fault, so I decided not to dwell on it.
We soon received our drinks and all was better for the moment. But that was strike one.

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