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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Worst Danger To Prepping

Dear Friend,
The nation's food supply is in real danger... and the one way you
used to be self-reliant might be disappearing forever.

Prepping is being made illegal!
Yet, you'll be able to survive!
NOTHING to do with what time you're eating... 
Watch This Video TODAY and see how you can make it past the
conspiracy Obama is constantly hiding from the press...
An executive order that allows the military - the police - even
people you know to report on the "excessive" stockpiles you've
been keeping.
This Controversial Video will show you a clever system they SIMPLY can't take away from you.
So Go Here NOW, and you'll understand why so many families
now consider this the only way to prep their food!

The region that is today the state of Colorado has been inhabited by Native Americans for more than 13,000 years. The Lindenmeier Site in Larimer County contains artifacts dating from approximately 11200 BC to 3000 BC. The eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains was a major migration route that was important to the spread of early peoples throughout the Americas. The Ancient Pueblo peoples lived in the valleys and mesas of the Colorado Plateau.[29] The Ute Nation inhabited the mountain valleys of the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Western Rocky Mountains, even as far east as the Front Range of present day. The Apache and the Comanche also inhabited Eastern and Southeastern parts of the state. At times, the Arapaho Nation and the Cheyenne Nation moved west to hunt across the High Plains.

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