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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The REAL Reason Why Walmarts Are Closing All Over America

Unaired News Report exposes MASSIVE military preparations all across the US

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It's out in the open...Obama's after something far more precious than
your than your guns or ammo...

>>Find out what he really wants<<

An investigative journalist delves deep into whats really going on out west And uncovers massive 3 stage plot that more sinister than 9/11 And its happening as you are reading this.

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P.S. When stage 3 unfolds it will already be too late for millions especially for families with children

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Amtrak operates two legendary passenger rail lines in Colorado, the California Zephyr and Southwest Chief. Colorado's contribution to world railroad history was forged principally by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad which began in 1870 and wrote the book on mountain railroading. In 1988 the "Rio Grande" acquired, but was merged into, the Southern Pacific Railroad by their joint owner Philip Anschutz. On September 11, 1996, Anschutz sold the combined company to the Union Pacific Railroad, creating the largest railroad network in the United States. The Anschutz sale was partly in response to the earlier merger of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe which formed the large Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (BNSF), Union Pacific's principal competitor in western U.S. railroading. Both Union Pacific and BNSF have extensive freight operations in Colorado.

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