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Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Bacteria linked to Acid Reflux (And Stomach Cancer too).

Nutrition and healthy eating
Healthy Lifestyle - May, 2016
Stunning new discovery leaves doctors speechless ...
Doctors Shocked Acid Reflux Caused By THIS

Research suggest that acid reflux is NOT caused by stomach acid, or GI tract problems...

Virtually all cases of acid reflux is caused by this bizarre and disgusting bacteria eating at your stomach!

If you suffer from acid reflux, you may eradicate it forever just by eliminating this !

Even more shocking is that this this organism may even lead to CANCER!

In fact, Until now doctors simply had NO IDEA that this was the REAL cause of Acid Reflux. [...Read More...]


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It was in the nature of George Orwell to try and see a situation from other people's point of view. He was unhappy at accepting the conventional social wisdom. In fact, he grew to despise his middle class upbringing so much he decided to spend time as a tramp. He wanted to experience life from the view of the gutter. His vivid experiences are recorded in his book "Down and out in Paris and London". No longer could Orwell be described as a "Champagne Socialist"; by living with the poorest and underprivileged, he gained a unique insight into the practical workings of working class ideas and working class politics.

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