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Monday, May 23, 2016

Interesting video about ENERGY


I wanted to [share an interesting video with you] today by my friend Stephanie Mulac..

Stephanie has been a leader in self-healing and growth for over 20 years. And this video is a culmination of her entire life's work.

In it, she shares some REALLY interesting stuff about "energy pathways" in our bodies.

These energy pathways control everything from our financial health, our relationship health, and our physical health.

And each one is interconnected.

click here

It's truly fascinating stuff. Take the "weird" foot massage I mentioned...

Apparently, the body is connected to the foot in hundreds of ways, so taking better care of your feet can make you feel healthier, more grounded, and more secure in yourself.

She calls this the "root" pathway, but there are 6 more that deal with everything from relationships and sex, to actually increasing your intuition and personal power.

It's well worth the watch.

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Devin Mcgee

The riot was sparked by a controversial umpiring decision, when star Australian batsman Billy Murdoch was given out by George Coulthard, a Victorian employed by the Englishmen. The dismissal caused an uproar among the parochial spectators, many of whom surged onto the pitch and assaulted Coulthard and some English players. It was alleged that illegal gamblers in the New South Wales pavilion, who had bet heavily on the home side, encouraged the riot because the tourists were in a dominant position and looked set to win. Another theory given to explain the anger was that of intercolonial rivalry, that the New South Wales crowd objected to what they perceived to be a slight from a Victorian umpire. The pitch invasion occurred while Gregory halted the match by not sending out a replacement for Murdoch. The New South Wales skipper called on Lord Harris to remove umpire Coulthard, whom he considered to be inept or biased, but his English counterpart declined. The other umpire, Edmund Barton, defended Coulthard and Lord Harris, saying that the decision against Murdoch was correct and that the English had conducted themselves appropriately. Eventually, Gregory agreed to resume the match without the removal of Coulthard. However, the crowd continued to disrupt proceedings, and play was abandoned for the day. Upon resumption after the Sunday rest day, Lord Harris's men won convincingly by an innings.

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