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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Groundbreaking New Research Shows How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Weeks


Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to shut these doctors
down simply for revealing the truth about diabetes.

Scientific studies have proven that type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally but this information has been hidden and suppressed for decades.

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Learn about their diabetes busting methods now

Diabetics can normalize blood sugar, and be taken off all
medication and insulin injections completely naturally.

Doctors at the International Council for Truth in Medicine are revealing the truth about diabetes in a shocking new online presentation.

Take care,
Loren Morales

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Desmond Mpilo Tutu was born in Klerksdorp, Transvaal 7 October 1931 in South Africa. As a vocal and committed opponent of apartheid in South Africa he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984. After graduating from school he studied at the University of South Africa. With a degree he became a high school teacher.

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