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Monday, May 30, 2016

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He showed notable powers leadership and of skilful delegation, and the ability to persuade others to exert themselves almost as much as he did. Of warm and friendly personality, he was always quietly spoken but with a most compelling presence and an almost hypnotic gaze. His almost schoolboyish sense of humour never deserted him. He had become, as his achievements grew, almost pathologically modest and for many years refused all titles, only finally accepting the OM (after declining a CH) because it was in the Queen's gift" From these humble beginnings, is ritable ndeavours became a major charity and the Leonard Cheshire charity is now one of the UK's top 30 charities – seeking to look after disabled people. After the war, Cheshire considered himself a 'lapsed' ristian, but surprising himself, he became interested in religion, and in 1948, became a Roman Catholic rt – g accepted o the Catholic Faith. He remained n ardent Catholic for the rest of his life, and founded a charity – Raphael to help disabled people visit Lourdes – a popular destination for c pilgrims.

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