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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

23-Sec "TRICK" Flattens Your Belly :-)

23 seconds exercise kills fat.

If there was a 23-second Dr. created exercise that could flatten your belly and shrink your waistline fast without ever having to break a sweat, would you be interested in learning about it?
Of course you would! That's exactly what you'll learn today from my friend Dr. Vegher...
Dr. Created 23-Second Belly Flattening TRICK...


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Between 1960 and 1975, Rio was a city-state under the name Guanabara State (after the bay it borders). However, for administrative and political reasons, a presidential decree known as "The Fusion" removed the city's federative status and merged it with the State of Rio de Janeiro, the territory surrounding the city whose capital was Niterói, in 1975. Even today, some Cariocas advocate the return of municipal autonomy.[20][21] The city hosted the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2014 FIFA World Cup final. It was announced on 2 October 2009, that Rio will host the 2016 Olympic Games, beating the finalist competitors Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid. The city will become the first South American city to host the event and the second Latin American city (after Mexico City in 1968) to host the Games. The city hosted the World Youth Day in 2013, the second World Youth Day in South America and first in Brazil.

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