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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Would you Accept Cards ? -


The Vast Majority of people are familiar with the machine shown above - See It Here.

It is great and you can take cards in many areas across your premises and its called a Bluetooth Portable and it's got a connection with its main cradle that then calls through either Ethernet or the phone in your place. 

Most are restaurants or B&Bs which use the last type of machine since they need to allow people to use card while sitting at dining tables, however, it could be used for many uses.

A machine that is mainly for people that must accept card on the road and is named a mobile. This only requires a connectivity from sim and network for people to use. This is the one which can be carried out and about allowing people to receive card across Great Britain and you will not need a traditional connection.

This last one is the countertop that is for persons which need to allow cards in a definite place next to power point and a phone or internet plug.

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