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Friday, April 29, 2016

Science Knows Biblical Cure (Atheists Stunned)

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Research Results:

I just came across some research you need to check out…

Although this is a little out of character for me, take a look at the picture below…

It’s a detailed look at one of one of the most controversial passages in the entire Bible.

Its meaning has been studied and examined for thousands of years, but recently, scientists have linked this passage with something no one could have imagined.

In a shocking twist, researchers may be looking to the Bible to cure one of our deadliest diseases.

Thanks to a misunderstood phrase buried on Page 1,117 of the King James Bible… people from across the country are miraculously curing themselves of diabetes…

Sometimes in as little as 3 days!

Atheists hate this… but they can’t refute it.

You may never look at your family Bible the same way again.


Doug Hill
Director, Laissez Faire Club

P.S. If you have any atheist friends, show them this and watch their faces. Discover it now.

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