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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are you about to have a HEART ATTACK?


What secret could SCARE Big Pharma so much they
tried to pay the man who discovered it $450,000
to keep quiet?

What secret could have the doctors who dare to
reveal it be harassed, sued and even JAILED?

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Well, the same secret that has now helped over
12,548 people finally DEFEND their heart, lower
their blood pressure and obliterate cholesterol.

With 1 in 3 adults in the US alone suffering from
high blood pressure you definitely don't want to
miss out on this.

Talk soon,
Jody Brewer

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ne night, a wetwork squad raids Frank's house and attempts to kill him, but he easily wipes them out. Knowing they have tapped his phone, he believes Sarah will be targeted. In Kansas City, as Sarah refuses to go with him, he forcibly ties her up and gags her with duct tape. Meanwhile, CIA agent William Cooper is assigned by his boss, Cynthia Wilkes, to hunt down and kill Frank. To find out who is targeting him, Frank tracks down his old associates for help. He goes to New Orleans, Louisiana and visits his C.I.A. mentor, Joe Matheson, who now lives in a nursing home. Joe tells Frank that the same hit squad murdered a reporter for The New York Times. Locked in a motel by Frank, Sarah escapes. Another agent, posing as a police officer, tries to kidnap her, but Frank returns in time. Cooper attacks them, but Frank tricks the police into arresting Cooper and escapes with Sarah. The two head to New York City and find clues left behind by the deceased reporter, which leads them to a hit list. They then find Marvin Boggs, another former black ops agent and a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Marvin tells them the people on the list, including Frank an

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