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Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Biblical Miracle Confirmed? (pg. 1117 King James Bible)

Dear Reader,

I don’t know if he’s Christian or has ever followed the teachings of Jesus, but one doctor has discovered

a mysterious healing cure for America’s most debilitating diseases… and it’s been inspired by a passage straight from the pages of Daniel.

What’s even stranger, though, is the science behind it has been verified by one of America’s top universities!

We’ve spent the last 12 months investigating this healing message.

<<< See everything here.<<<

If you or one of your loved ones is suffering from this disease, this could be the most important message you see all year — you may never look at your family Bible the same way again.


Doug Hill
Director, Laissez Faire Club
P.S. If you have any atheist friends, show them this and watch their faces. See it now.

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Baltimore, MD 21217

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