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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

7 odd foods that KILL your abdominal fat (surprising fat-fighters)

The Truth About Six Pack Abs,

It's probably obvious to you that foods such as donuts,
cookies, and fried chicken can make you fat. But what you
might not realize is that there are certain foods most
people think are "unhealthy" that can actually HELP you
to get a flat stomach. Whole eggs are one example.

 The Truth About Six Pack Abs
One of our go-to Nutrition Specialists, Mike Geary, has
a few more to show you...

7 Odd foods that KILL abdominal fat (surprising fat-fighters)

Here's more of what you'll discover in this cool video:

* at least 2 foods that you thought were "healthy" that are
silently packing on more stomach fat
* 7 surprising foods you probably thought were unhealthy that
can actually HELP ,
you to burn off stubborn abdominal fat
* Unique combinations of exercises that are MUCH more effective
for fat loss compared to traditional "cardio"
* and lots more
The truth is that eating healthy doesn't have to be bland
and boring like dry chicken breasts and broccoli all the
time. Mike will show you how to eat in a truly healthy
way that also helps to balance your hormones and boost
your metabolism...

>> Surprising foods for a flat stomach (try these today)

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"Actors not just have highly trained experts to help them in every step of the way, but they also have the help of makeup, perfect lighting and special effects to enhance their look," says Leena Mogre, fitness professional. She elaborates, "Maintaining a six-pack isn't healthy for your body. That kind of unnatural body-fat percentage can lead to health issues. It is okay for actors because it is usually for a short period of time and also, they pay constant attention to their strict lifestyle, thanks to the fleet of staff that takes care of them." Clinical nutritionist Pooja Makhija says, "Maintaining a six-pack for months means that the essential body-fat percentage (12% in males and 18% in females) is compromised. This also affects the lining of the internal organs." Another thing that is dangerous is that men renounce salt completely in order to make their six-pack look tighter. Pooja says, "This elimination of salt from the diet can have negative repercussions." Constantly running after that elusive six-pack, staring into your mirror for the muscles to show up, can be quite stressful too. Swati Shah, fitness professional and a hula-hoop trainer states, "The key for everyone should be to aim for being functionally fit, rather than psyching yourself up mentally and physically to get a six-pack."

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